Hi friends! We’re headed to Canada! We’ll update you all when we return. Until then, we hope you enjoy this video of a fun evening of ice skating set to the tunes in the “Glory” reel set. (There’s a bonus reel at the end dedicated to our “Ceilidh at the Crossroads” regulars–Mama J needed to sing to calm her nerves while on the ice–and Bria and Tasha used music  to get her to release her death grip on the hand rail) 🙂

Join the Journey

Greetings, Friends! This video has two purposes: (1) To invite our friends to “join us on the journey” to Ireland in 2018 and (2) as a practice video for our Ceilidh regulars.

“Join the Journey”
In 2018, SINGING PILGRIMS is hoping to return to the Emerald Isle and we would love to invite others to join us. Our Singing Pilgrims 2017 Promo Video focused on the three of us, Natasha, Bria and I. In this video we want you to see footage and photos of our traveling companions because that will give you an idea of what it is like to voyage with us! ☺ So…take a look at the video and then contact us if you would be seriously interested in traveling to Ireland with us in 2018. There will be a small number of seats available so let us know your interest ASAP. We are still in the planning stages so have no details, but are just gauging whether or not there is interest in putting together a Singing Pilgrims Ireland Tour. Let us know what you think!

“Ceilidh Practice Video”
For those of you that have been trying to learn this “Finale Set” of tunes for our Ceilidhs, here is a chance to practice along with us. The melodies and chords are pasted below and you can find this tune on itunes if you want to download it and practice. Have fun and see ya at the next Ceilidh!

Albuquerque Folk Festival

As one of a group of founders of The Albuquerque Folk Festival, this event and it’s message, is near and dear to my heart. It’s a participatory festival with an instrument check room so you can bring your instruments and store them when you’re not using them. There are workshops, and dances, and jams and sing-a-longs because the point of this festival is that EVERYBODY can experience the joy of making music! It’s also about community music–that we join together to share in the joy. We hope you’ll join us this Saturday, June 3rd, as we play some of our tunes at 10:30am on the Sandia Stage and then grab your instrument (or just bring your voice!) and play and sing with us in the “Jam with the Band” tent at 1:30pm. It’s all happening on the grounds of the Balloon Fiesta Museum here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hope to see you ALL there! Check out for a line up of performers and lists of ALL the amazing activities happening all day.

Our Tennessee and Haiti Journeys Intersect

Good morning, friends! Here is the final batch of photos from our Tennessee journey. Many of you have heard us share through story and song (Orphan Girl, Orphan Train and many others) about the part of our journey that has led us to be involved with the work being done in Haiti. In these photos you will see some of the faces of those who have shared that part of the journey with us. Singing Pilgrims was honored to share our music at College Grove Baptist Church at a fund raising dinner for the team that will be headed to Mirebalais, Haiti in December. These folks have become so dear to us and we are grateful that our stories and songs intertwine with theirs. (Thanks again to Shane Page for the photos–except for Natasha’s “selfie” of course!)

New Friendships on the Journey

We are always blessed with new friendships on our journeys, and this one proved especially fruitful. We were happy to share our stage at The Smoky Mountain Highland Festival with Raven and Red and the Carolina Ceili Band. An unexpected joy was meeting the family band, The Celtic Martins and join in with them during their portion of the Saturday night Ceilidh and then again during their set on Sunday morning. That’s where we had the pleasure of meeting Colin Grant Adams as well. One of the biggest blessings, though, was meeting Chuck Cooper, festival photographer who hung out with us often throughout the weekend. Thanks to all who made the weekend so wonderful and we can’t wait until our paths cross again! Thanks again to Shane Page for these great shots!