And Then There Were Two…

The Singing Pilgrims have reached “the fork in the road,” and it is with much love that we send our dear Bria on her way down the bridal path to her new life as a “Mrs.” She will be greatly missed and we send blessings and prayers to her and to Tyler as they begin this new chapter of life together as husband and wife, raising our glasses and wishing them a hardy “Slainte!”

The two of us, Jeanne and Natasha, will continue on down the path on this Singing Pilgrims journey, as a duo, in the same way that we started several years ago, before Bria joined us for the ride. Here is the photo we snapped moments after we finished our last song together and you can see our eyes are still wet with tears. Goodbyes are hard but we are all excited for future adventures to unfold before us. Journey on, Friends….indeed, Charge on!!